Adventure and Parks in Zihuatanejo

Ecotours Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo
Considering the relaxed atmosphere and flawless attention you are enjoying, you might never want to leave the comfort of your Club, but then you may return home without ever knowing what a great place you have chosen for your vacation...
Ixtapa Swim with Dolphins
Dolphins are very friendly and expressive creatures who show their feelings with body language, gestures and sounds. Feel how much these friendly dolphins love your company, discover their skills and gain an appreciation for their inteligence and the inborn happiness they experience somersaulting and swimming around you.
Park Bio Zihua
Our mission is conservation, protection of native species, the spread of its importance, the promotion of ecotourism by creating opportunities for local economic development, the participation of students from all academic levels even interact with wildlife. We want to come and discover the wonderful world of flora and fauna of the region of Guerrero, Mexico.
Tours And Tips
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