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Yoga, Gyms and Spa in Zihuatanejo


If you enjoy Yoga, go to the Gym or maybe you prefer a Spa, here you will find the best Yoga, Gym and Spa Venues in Zihuatanejo, where you can perform your routines or relax with a good massage, in the following list you will not find all , But if the best Gyms, Spa and places to practice Yoga. Click on places name and contact the place that you like best in Zihuatanejo.

Arena Suites

8 Suites on La Madera beach. Air conditioned, kitchenette, M.D., beach side, phone in lobby, fan, travel agency service, laundry & fax. We are located in Zihuatanejo Bay.

Aura del Mar Hotel

Tropical charm in a small family owned hotel. Let the sea breeze caress your hair and the waves sing their melodies for you...In this Mexican style hotel every suite has a private terrace overlooking the beautiful Zihuatanejo bay, offering breathtaking view.

Casa de Playa Sotelo

At Sotelo Casa de Playa, you will feel at home, we are located in Playa la Madera, in the Bay of Zihuatanejo one of the best beaches to enjoy the sea for its way of breaking the early wave.






Hotel Naomi Villas

Villas Naomi is located in a neighborhood with a number of excellent restaurants. It is just steps away from La Madera Beach, and a pleasant 15 minute walk along the waterfront to downtown Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico.




Yoga Studio

Paty's Marimar Restaurant now has yoga classes on the upstairs terrace, overlooking the waves. Classes are 10 USD (or equivalent Mexican pesos). Zihua Yoga Studio has all the toys and props including mats, blocks, straps and bolsters. We also offers towels for wiping off the sweat, wraps for shabasana and after class damp towels for sponge bathing and hot tea.


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